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A display of the latest weather conditions at a few places around the world
Our home, the Earth. Let's look after our planet and all the life upon it as it is our only home, and it is beautiful. If we trash it, then there is nowhere else to go.
  Our home, Earth. Let's look after our planet and all the life upon it as it is our only home, and it is beautiful. If we trash it, then there is nowhere else to go.  
Most Recent Weather Reports from.....
mtr002GCRR, Canary Islands at mtr003GCRR UTC

Temperature = mtr004GCRR°C

Dewpoint = mtr005GCRR°C

Pressure = mtr007GCRR hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006GCRR%

Wind = mtr008GCRR at mtr009GCRR mph

Sky = mtr013GCRR

mtr002LCLK, Cyprus at mtr003LCLK UTC

Temperature = mtr004LCLK°C

Dewpoint = mtr005LCLK°C

Pressure = mtr007LCLK hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006LCLK%

Wind = mtr008LCLK at mtr009LCLK mph

Sky = mtr013LCLK

mtr002EGHE, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, England at mtr003EGHE UTC

Temperature = mtr004EGHE°C

Dewpoint = mtr005EGHE°C

Pressure = mtr007EGHE hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006EGHE%

Wind = mtr008EGHE at mtr009EGHE mph

Sky = mtr013EGHE

mtr002EGTE, Devon, England at mtr003EGTE UTC

Temperature = mtr004EGTE°C

Dewpoint = mtr005EGTE°C

Pressure = mtr007EGTE hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006EGTE%

Wind = mtr008EGTE at mtr009EGTE mph

Sky = mtr013EGTE

mtr002EFRO, Finland at mtr003EFRO UTC

Temperature = mtr004EFRO°C

Dewpoint = mtr005EFRO°C

Pressure = mtr007EFRO hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006EFRO%

Wind = mtr008EFRO at mtr009EFRO mph

Sky = mtr013EFRO

mtr002LFLS, France at mtr003LFLS UTC

Temperature = mtr004LFLS°C

Dewpoint = mtr005LFLS°C

Pressure = mtr007LFLS hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006LFLS%

Wind = mtr008LFLS at mtr009LFLS mph

Sky = mtr013LFLS

mtr002LGIR, Crete, Greece at mtr003LGIR UTC

Temperature = mtr004LGIR°C

Dewpoint = mtr005LGIR°C

Pressure = mtr007LGIR hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006LGIR%

Wind = mtr008LGIR at mtr009LGIR mph

Sky = mtr013LGIR

mtr002BIRK, Iceland at mtr003BIRK UTC

Temperature = mtr004BIRK°C

Dewpoint = mtr005BIRK°C

Pressure = mtr007BIRK hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006BIRK%

Wind = mtr008BIRK at mtr009BIRK mph

Sky = mtr013BIRK

mtr002ENSB, Norway at mtr003ENSB UTC

Temperature = mtr004ENSB°C

Dewpoint = mtr005ENSB°C

Pressure = mtr007ENSB hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006ENSB%

Wind = mtr008ENSB at mtr009ENSB mph

Sky = mtr013ENSB

mtr002LPFR, Portugal at mtr003LPFR UTC

Temperature = mtr004LPFR°C

Dewpoint = mtr005LPFR°C

Pressure = mtr007LPFR hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006LPFR%

Wind = mtr008LPFR at mtr009LPFR mph

Sky = mtr013LPFR

mtr002LPPT, Portugal at mtr003LPPT UTC

Temperature = mtr004LPPT°C

Dewpoint = mtr005LPPT°C

Pressure = mtr007LPPT hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006LPPT%

Wind = mtr008LPPT at mtr009LPPT mph

Sky = mtr013LPPT

mtr002LPPD, Azores, Portugal at mtr003LPPT UTC

Temperature = mtr004LPPD°C

Dewpoint = mtr005LPPD°C

Pressure = mtr007LPPD hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006LPPD%

Wind = mtr008LPPD at mtr009LPPD mph

Sky = mtr013LPPD

mtr002UIII, Russia at mtr003UIII UTC

Temperature = mtr004UIII°C

Dewpoint = mtr005UIII°C

Pressure = mtr007UIII hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006UIII%

Wind = mtr008UIII at mtr009UIII mph

Sky = mtr013UIII

mtr002URSS, Russia at mtr003URSS UTC

Temperature = mtr004URSS°C

Dewpoint = mtr005URSS°C

Pressure = mtr007URSS hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006URSS%

Wind = mtr008URSS at mtr009URSS mph

Sky = mtr013URSS

mtr002UHWW, Russia at mtr003UHWW UTC

Temperature = mtr004UHWW°C

Dewpoint = mtr005UHWW°C

Pressure = mtr007UHWW hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006UHWW%

Wind = mtr008UHWW at mtr009UHWW mph

Sky = mtr013UHWW

mtr002UUEE, Russia at mtr003UUEE UTC

Temperature = mtr004UUEE°C

Dewpoint = mtr005UUEE°C

Pressure = mtr007UUEE hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006UUEE%

Wind = mtr008UUEE at mtr009UUEE mph

Sky = mtr013UUEE

mtr002EGPA, Orkney, United Kingdom at mtr003EGPA UTC

Temperature = mtr004EGPA°C

Dewpoint = mtr005EGPA°C

Pressure = mtr007EGPA hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006EGPA%

Wind = mtr008EGPA at mtr009EGPA mph

Sky = mtr013EGPA

Down Under....
mtr002YSCB, Australia at mtr003YSCB UTC

Temperature = mtr004YSCB°C

Dewpoint = mtr005YSCB°C

Pressure = mtr007YSCB hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006YSCB%

Wind = mtr008YSCB at mtr009YSCB mph

Sky = mtr013YSCB

mtr002YMML, Australia at mtr003YMML UTC

Temperature = mtr004YMML°C

Dewpoint = mtr005YMML°C

Pressure = mtr007YMML hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006YMML%

Wind = mtr008YMML at mtr009YMML mph

Sky = mtr013YMML

mtr002YPPH, Australia at mtr003YPPH UTC

Temperature = mtr004YPPH°C

Dewpoint = mtr005YPPH°C

Pressure = mtr007YPPH hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006YPPH%

Wind = mtr008YPPH at mtr009YPPH mph

Sky = mtr013YPPH

mtr002YSSY, Australia at mtr003YSSY UTC

Temperature = mtr004YSSY°C

Dewpoint = mtr005YSSY°C

Pressure = mtr007YSSY hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006YSSY%

Wind = mtr008YSSY at mtr009YSSY mph

Sky = mtr013YSSY

mtr002NZCH, New Zealand at mtr003NZCH UTC

Temperature = mtr004NZCH°C

Dewpoint = mtr005NZCH°C

Pressure = mtr007NZCH hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006NZCH%

Wind = mtr008NZCH at mtr009NZCH mph

Sky = mtr013NZCH

mtr002NZAA, New Zealand at mtr003NZAA UTC

Temperature = mtr004NZAA°C

Dewpoint = mtr005NZAA°C

Pressure = mtr007NZAA hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006NZAA%

Wind = mtr008NZAA at mtr009NZAA mph

Sky = mtr013NZAA

mtr002NZSP, South Pole, Antarctica at mtr003NZSP UTC

Temperature = mtr004NZSP°C

Dewpoint = mtr005NZSP°C

Pressure = mtr007NZSP hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006NZSP%

Wind = mtr008NZSP at mtr009NZSP mph

Sky = mtr013NZSP

mtr002DTTA,Africa at mtr003DTTA UTC

Temperature = mtr004DTTA°C

Dewpoint = mtr005DTTA°C

Pressure = mtr007DTTA hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006DTTA%

Wind = mtr008DTTA at mtr009DTTA mph

Sky = mtr013DTTA

mtr002FACT, South Africa at mtr003FACT UTC

Temperature = mtr004FACT°C

Dewpoint = mtr005FACT°C

Pressure = mtr007FACT hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006FACT%

Wind = mtr008FACT at mtr009FACT mph

Sky = mtr013FACT

mtr002GBYD, Gambia, Africa at mtr003GBYD UTC

Temperature = mtr004GBYD°C

Dewpoint = mtr005GBYD°C

Pressure = mtr007GBYD hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006GBYD%

Wind = mtr008GBYD at mtr009GBYD mph

Sky = mtr013GBYD

mtr002RJAA, Japan at mtr003RJAA UTC

Temperature = mtr004RJAA°C

Dewpoint = mtr005RJAA°C

Pressure = mtr007RJAA hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006RJAA%

Wind = mtr008RJAA at mtr009RJAA mph

Sky = mtr013RJAA

mtr002RCTP, Taiwan at mtr003RCTP UTC

Temperature = mtr004RCTP°C

Dewpoint = mtr005RCTP°C

Pressure = mtr007RCTP hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006RCTP%

Wind = mtr008RCTP at mtr009RCTP mph

Sky = mtr013RCTP

mtr002VIDP, India at mtr003VIDP UTC

Temperature = mtr004VIDP°C

Dewpoint = mtr005VIDP°C

Pressure = mtr007VIDP hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006VIDP%

Wind = mtr008VIDP at mtr009VIDP mph

Sky = mtr013VIDP

mtr002VVTS, Vietnam at mtr003VVTS UTC

Temperature = mtr004VVTS°C

Dewpoint = mtr005VVTS°C

Pressure = mtr007VVTS hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006VVTS%

Wind = mtr008VVTS at mtr009VVTS mph

Sky = mtr013VVTS

North America
mtr002MUHA, Cuba at mtr003MUHA UTC

Temperature = mtr004MUHA°C

Dewpoint = mtr005MUHA°C

Pressure = mtr007MUHA hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006MUHA%

Wind = mtr008MUHA at mtr009MUHA mph

Sky = mtr013MUHA

mtr002CYVR, Canada at mtr003CYVR UTC

Temperature = mtr004CYVR°C

Dewpoint = mtr005CYVR°C

Pressure = mtr007CYVR hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006CYVR%

Wind = mtr008CYVR at mtr009CYVR mph

Sky = mtr013CYVR

mtr002CYOW, Canada at mtr003CYOW UTC

Temperature = mtr004CYOW°C

Dewpoint = mtr005CYOW°C

Pressure = mtr007CYOW hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006CYOW%

Wind = mtr008CYOW at mtr009CYOW mph

Sky = mtr013CYOW

mtr002MMUN, Mexico at mtr003MMUN UTC

Temperature = mtr004MMUN°C

Dewpoint = mtr005MMUN°C

Pressure = mtr007MMUN hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006MMUN%

Wind = mtr008MMUN at mtr009MMUN mph

Sky =

South America
mtr002SABE, Argentina at mtr003SABE UTC

Temperature = mtr004SABE°C

Dewpoint = mtr005SABE°C

Pressure = mtr007SABE hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006SABE%

Wind = mtr008SABE at mtr009SABE mph

Sky = mtr013SABE

mtr002SBGL, Brazil at mtr003SBGL UTC

Temperature = mtr004SBGL°C

Dewpoint = mtr005SBGL°C

Pressure = mtr007SBGL hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006SBGL%

Wind = mtr008SBGL at mtr009SBGL mph

Sky = mtr013SBGL

mtr002SCCI, Chile at mtr003SCCI UTC

Temperature = mtr004SCCI°C

Dewpoint = mtr005SCCI°C

Pressure = mtr007SCCI hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006SCCI%

Wind = mtr008SCCI at mtr009SCCI mph

Sky = mtr013SCCI

Port Stanley, Falkland Islands at mtr003EGYP UTC

Temperature = mtr004EGYP°C

Dewpoint = mtr005EGYP°C

Pressure = mtr007EGYP hPa

Relative Humidity = mtr006EGYP%

Wind = mtr008EGYP at mtr009EGYP mph

Sky = mtr013EGYP

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Note that if a station is not reporting then --- or even 0.0 may be displayed