Otter Valley Weather Data
(How weather data is collected at this station)

Observing details at the Otter Valley Weather Station

Daily at 09:00 (GMT & BST)
Readings are taken manually from Met Office sheathed minimum and maximum thermometers housed in a Stevenson Screen positioned 1.25 metres above grass. These are then reset.
A wet & dry bulb hygrometer gives humidity readings, these are noted and relative humidity is calculated using a slide rule or the humidity calculator.
A standard 5" Casella rain gauge is checked for rainfall during the last 24 hours.
A pressure reading is taken from a digital barometer.
Grass temperature:
A minimum overnight grass temperature is noted and the thermometer reset.
Soil temperatures:
Readings are taken using soil thermometers at depth of 10, 30 & 100 cm.

Daily at 22:00 (GMT & BST).

A reading is taken of the total sunshine for the day and the display reset to zero. Also one minute interval data sets are produced via an ADC-16 data logger which are uploaded to a computer and total sunshine is calculated by using a spreadsheet.
Data from a Davis Vantage Pro+ 2 Automatic Weather Station (AWS) is uploaded to a computer and incorporated into a spreadsheet along with the manual recordings made at 09:00 & 22:00 on that day. The AWS provides continuous 5 minute data sets for temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction, humidity, dew point, UV, solar radiation and air pressure, grass and soil temperatures.
All the weather monitoring data collected is then used to produce a monthly report which is submitted to the Climate Observers Link and also uploaded to this website.
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