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Otter Valley Climate

Jacob's Ladder Beach near Sidmouth on a hot May day.

Jacob's Ladder Beach on a hot and sunny day in early May 2008, this also turned out to be the hottest day of that year.

As the above photograph demonstrates (11th of May 2008 had a maximum temperature of 28C, the hottest day of that year), I have nearly given up on the idea that the Otter Valley has a climate as such. With the topsy-turvy 'climate' of the last 10 years, it has reinforced my opinion that we do not have a climate, just weather and lots of it. Still, climate data is interesting and there are defined trends but overall do not expect that the weather has to be warm and sunny in the summer, or cold in the winter. It may be as expected but more often than not the weather type can be completely unexpected for the time of year.

Otter Valley Climate (1981 - 2010)
The climate statistics were obtained by taking data from nearby official weather stations and making estimations based on the differing climatology.
Otter Valley Climate (2005 - 2023)
The climate of the Otter Valley based upon actual observations since this weather station was first set up in May 2005.
The Climate of the Otter Valley Through the Year
A detailed month-by-month look at the likely weather in the Otter Valley and how nature responds it.
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